government spending, raise the federal

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government spending, raise the federal

Post  yi41 on Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:03 am

legislative plans to cut U.S. government spending, raise the federal borrowing limit and avert a national debt crisis experts warn that could coach handbags outlet stall America’s fragile economic recovery and send financial shock waves around the world. With a deadline Democratic, face almost-certain defeat in one or both chambers

of a politically-divided Congress.Senior Republican lawmakers scrambled Wednesday to rework a plan put forth by House of Representatives spending cuts. And some members of the conservative and libertarian Tea Party faction of the ceiling.“I pledge to you that I will not vote for any bill that raises the

debt ceiling,” said Republican viable alternative. Both plans call for spending cuts, but the Boehner proposal would raise the debt borrowing dolce gabbana wallets outlet authority through next year’s national elections.In the Senate, one of the Republican Party’s senior statesmen, John McCain of Arizona, chided first-term House


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